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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Namibian National DNA Database

Combating Child Swapping and Baby Theft under Maternity Shadow:

 How DNA Technology will help the national police to resolve the problem of "Child Swapping" and deterring similar precursors that normally lies unidentified in a complete obscurity of maternity shadow?  Commonly, child swapping practices  still prevailing at most private and public hospitals. It was statistically recorded that most 20% of woman who gave birth to their infants at medical centers have ran a possible risk or claimed that their babies were swapped with another child which are not biological related to them. These reports made by complaints in silence are critical since they largely remain unearthed,  The issues of child swap usually orchestrated by some people who expecting a certain type of babies base on physical postures eg the looks and skin complexion or sex-gender like a family desire to have a baby-boy instead of baby-girl and unfortunately the mother had given birth to a female child, of which then subsequently a girl child can be channeled over to her by the medical staff in the labour room through bribes of money and many other bargaining means.

The full implementation of DNA Identification System (DIS)in medical facilities and proper regular check to confirm child paternity testing to the actual biological mother at all governmental and private owned hospitals will subdue every people who harboring intentions to steal or prevent doctors/nurses who are involve in selling the infant to another person who is not a real parent.
There is already a microchip-based DNA card that containing vital information about human being which this type of technology can be used to profiling people especial expecting mothers in maternity labour awards so that whenever they give a birth to their babies could also registered in DIS software. The DIS card that currently used in India,Japan and etc is contains all information about a person's general characteristics: Anthropological and medical information, biometrics (DNA and fingerprint) and other details. It can be accessible at the click of a mouse on the computer, some of confidential information can be stored in the card which will be available through a smart card reader or finger impression that employed by DNA reader.
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